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This page includes content that is now removed from the game. The content being shown could have been limited or was chosen to be removed by the developers. This page will be used for historical purposes.

The Cursed Egg was located in the Halloween World during the Halloween 2021 Event in Pet Simulator X. Hatching a Cursed Egg costed 750k Candy Coin.png.

Available Pets

The Cursed Egg contained 5 pets:


  • A day after the egg was added, it's price was reduced from 666k Candy Coin.png to 525k Candy Coin.png, which was eventually increased to 750k Candy Coin.png. The rarities of the pets were also nerfed then buffed again.
  • This egg was similar to the Eerie Egg.
  • This is the first egg in which the rarity of the worst pet is Rare and not Basic, the second being the Egg of Many Gifts.
  • This egg also had similar pets to the Eerie Egg.
  • The chances of rare, epic, legendary and mythical pets to be hatched in this eggs were better than hatching the Eerie Egg.
  • This was one of four eggs that didn't have a golden variant, along with the Dominus Egg,the Pog Egg and the Egg of Many Gifts.
  • The Huge Pumpkin Cat was added in a later update and is the only pet in the egg to not be hatched in the Eerie Egg.
  • This was the first egg to contain an Exclusive Pet.
    • This was the only egg that had both a nerf and a buff, with the nerf lowering the price to 525k Candy Coin.png, and the buff raising the price to 750k Candy Coin.png.

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