Creating Pages

All pages must follow the Pet Simulator Wiki's Guidelines.


All pages must be Pet Simulator related. Any off-topic pages will be deleted.

Inappropriate/NSFW Pages

Any pages consisting of inappropriate language, pornographic content, or NSFW will be instantly deleted and you will receive a 1 year+ block, no exceptions.

This wiki is made for people of all ages, and inappropriate pages are never tolerated.

Off-Topic Pages

Pages about other games or topics unrelated to Pet Simulator are not allowed on this wiki; this wiki is for informing users about Pet Simulator only, and nothing else.

Clogging up the wiki with off-topic pages is useless and not tolerated.

Pet Simulator 1 & 2 Information

When a page is created it MUST have either "PAGENAME (Pet Simulator 1)" or "PAGENAME (Pet Simulator 2)" in the title (if it is for a separate game). If the page is also a feature/thing in the other game, you should put either {{PS1}} if it is a Pet Simulator 1 page or {{PS2}} if it is a Pet Simulator 2 page. The category "Pet Simulator 1" or the category "Pet Simulator 2" should also be put on the page.


When creating a new page, make sure it follows these guidelines:

  • The first appearance of the page's name should be in bold
  • Images must be on the right side
  • If it is a pet page, it uses the pet infobox

To use the pet infobox, use {{Pet}} and edit fields accordingly.

  • If it is a hat page, it uses the hat infobox

To use the pet infobox, use {{Hat}} and edit fields accordingly.

  • If it is an egg page, it has the egg infobox

To use the pet infobox, use {{Egg}} and edit fields accordingly.

  • It is either divided into sections (each would be a feature) or has 1 paragraph for everything

Already Existing Pages

Creating pages that already exist on the wiki is known as duplicating pages.

This is misleading having the same information on multiple pages, and is unnecessary as well as clogging up the wiki.


If you would like to create a page but are unsure whether or not it is appropriate for this wiki, please contact an active Content Moderator+.




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