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Coins are a type of currency used to make purchases in the Starter Area. They can be earned by collecting coins and chests in biomes. They can also be purchased through the Premium Shop.

The amount of coins you earn from collection coins or chests varies depending on the level your pets are.

Coins are used to purchase the following:

  1. Eggs, Tier 1 to Tier 12
  2. Hat Gifts, Tier 1 to Tier 4

Biomes with Coins

Coins can be found in six Biomes. In order, they are namely:

  1. Starter Area
  2. Haunted Woods
  3. Icy Mountains
  4. Lava Peaks
  5. Plasma Overworld
  6. Aurora Mushrooms

Robux Prices

Coins Price
1,750 R$ 15
20,000 R$ 65
375,000 R$ 245
4,000,000 R$ 873
37,500,000 R$ 1,199
600,000,000 R$ 7,900
3,500,000,000 R$ 12,999

Your coin balance can be shown on the left side of your screen or the right top of your screen if you're on PC.

This is an example of the coins UI on the left.

This is an example of the players' coins being displayed on the default Roblox UI.

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