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Codes (Pet Simulator X)


Redeeming codes require the Basic Rank or higher.

Codes are a feature added with the game’s release. Redeeming them gives prizes such as boosts and diamonds.

Preston (or BIG Games) posts codes on the game's Roblox page, the @BuildIntoGames (BIG Games Twitter), and the game's official Discord server.

How to redeem

To redeem game codes, click on the pet icon, followed by the star icon, then scroll down until you see "Reedem Game Codes!", click on "Redeem," type in the code, and click on "Redeem!".

Or, Go to Exclusive Shop, scroll down until you see "Redeem Game Codes!", click on "Redeem", type in the code, and click on "Redeem!"

To redeem merch codes, do the same as above, but without scrolling down. Click "Redeem", read the code on tag with the merch.



Code Reward Reason Release date
im2lucky 3x Ultra Lucky Boosts 1.4m likes 1/12/2021


Expired Codes
Code Reward Reason Release Date
Release 1KDiamond (PSX).png Game Release 7/29/21
DiscordDiamonds 10K Diamond (PSX).png BIG Games Discord 7/29/21
Super25k 5K Diamond (PSX).png 25k Likes 7/29/21
Lucky50k Super Lucky Boost 50k Likes 7/29/21
Triple80k Triple Coins Boost 80k Likes 7/31/21
Easy125k Super Lucky Boost 125k Likes 8/1/21
EzDiamonds150k 10K Diamond (PSX).png 150k Likes 8/2/21
MoreCoins180k Triple Coins Boost 180k Likes 8/3/21
Ultra225k Ultra Lucky Boost 225k Likes 8/5/21
SuperUltra1 Ultra Lucky Boost 325k Likes 8/12/21
FreeDiamonds0 5K Diamond (PSX).png 350k Likes 8/15/21
Back2Back 8K Diamond (PSX).png Update 2 8/15/21
blamedavid Triple Coins Boost 380k Likes 8/18/21
morecodes3 Ultra Lucky Boost 415k Likes 8/22/21
big1234 Triple Coins Boost 440k Likes 8/25/21
Underworld 13k Diamond (PSX).png Hell Update 8/25/21
plaid1234 Triple Coins Boost 475k Likes 8/30/21
Clouds x2 Triple Coins Boosts Heaven Update 8/30/21
halfamillion 10K Diamond (PSX).png 500k Likes 9/3/21
TripleCoins999 Triple Coins Boost 550k Likes 9/8/21
anothertriple x2 Triple Coins Boost 600k Likes 9/18/21
morecoins4u x2 Triple Coins Boost 650k Likes 9/23/21
700kDiamonds 25k Diamond (PSX).png 700k Likes 10/2/21
steampunkpets 25K Diamond (PSX).png Steampunk Update 10/2/21
easyboosts Triple Coin Boost 750k Likes 10/4/21
halfamillion x3 Triple Damage boosts 500k followers (Twitter) 10/5/21
VoiceChat x2 Triple Coins Boost Trading Plaza Update 10/17/21
Triple800 Triple Coins Boost 800k Likes 10/18/21
pumpkin333 20K Diamond (PSX).png Halloween Update 10/24/21
sorry4thewait Triple Coins Boost 850k Likes 10/22/21
bandsundrbidn 30K Diamond (PSX).png 900k Likes 10/26/21
its1million 100K Diamond (PSX).png 1m Likes 11/3/21
alienpets x2 Ultra Lucky Boosts Alien update 11/13/21
yaydiamonds2 50K Diamond (PSX).png 1.2m Likes 11/8/21
1billion x5 Triple Coins Boosts 1 Billion Visits 11/13/21
happysaturday11 x3 Triple Coins Boosts Weekend, No Update 11/20/21
1mplus300k x2 Ultra Lucky Boosts 1.3m likes 11/21/21