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Exclusive Shop menu that contains Redeem Twitter Codes section


The Redeem Twitter Codes UI


To redeem all the codes, you'll need to get at least Basic rank or higher

About codes

Codes were a feature added with the game’s release. Redeeming them gives prizes such as boosts (Super or Ultra Lucky Boost, Triple Coins Boost), diamonds....

Preston (or BIG Games) posts codes on the game's Roblox page, on the @BuildIntoGames (BIG Games Twitter), and on the game's official Discord server.

How to redeem codes?

In case if you want to redeem codes, you need to open Pets button -> Exclusive Shop button -> Scroll to the end to see Redeem Twitter Codes menu section, then click Redeem and redeem the codes you want.

List of Codes

Codes can be found on the game creator's twitter, at @BuildIntoGames or at the game's description.

Reason Code Reward Release date Expired?
Release of the game Release 1000 Diamonds 7/29/21 Yes
The discord server DiscordDiamonds 10000 Diamonds 7/29/21 Yes
25k Likes Super25k 5000 Diamonds 7/29/21 Yes
50k Likes Lucky50k Super Lucky Boost 7/29/21 Yes
80k Likes Triple80k Triple Coins Boost 7/31/21 Yes
125k Likes Easy125k Super Lucky Boost 8/1/21 Yes
150k Likes EzDiamonds150k 10000 Diamonds 8/2/21 Yes
180k Likes MoreCoins180k Triple Coins Boost 8/3/21 Yes
225k Likes Ultra225k Ultra Lucky Boost 8/5/21 Yes
325k Likes SuperUltra1 Ultra Lucky Boost 8/12/21 Yes
350k Likes FreeDiamonds0 5000 Diamonds 8/15/21 Yes
Update 2 Back2Back 8000 Diamonds 8/15/21 Yes
380k Likes blamedavid Triple Coins Boost 8/18/21 Yes
415k Likes morecodes3 Ultra Lucky Boost 8/22/21 Yes
440k Likes big1234 Triple Coins Boost 8/25/21 Yes
475k Likes plaid1234 Triple Coins Boost 8/30/21 Yes
500k Likes halfamillion 10000 Diamonds 9/3/21 Yes
550k Likes TripleCoins999 Triple Coins Boost 9/8/21 Yes
600k Likes anothertriple x2 Triple Coins Boost 9/18/21 No


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