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The Changelog shows all the updates for Pet Simulator 2. They are in order from latest to oldest.


Trading has FINALLY arrived to Pet Simulator 2! Fulfill your inner-capitalist desires by using the snowball effect to work your way to RICHES! Trade pets, coins, and diamonds and leverage insane deals! You can also initiate a trade in the chat via. "/trade Username". Very nifty!

New Chest

2 new chests were added - the Titanic Chest in the Spawn world and the extremely rare Giant Chest which spawns in any world. What's inside? Hm....

Level 150!

The level cap was increased to 150! Good luck.

What else?

  • Desert world has been open to all players!
  • Legendary and Unobtainable pets now have a unique pet slot graphic :)
  • Pets circle around and no longer get stuck inside of coins
  • New XP equation! This should be mostly unnoticeable. This will help with proper end-game progression =D
  • Fixed a (sort of) critical bug where pet damage overflowed giving incorrect rewards from lower-tier coins
  • Fixed group rewards (in most servers)
  • Added a keybind label on the hoverboard hotkey button
  • You can no longer jump in cannons while using the golden pets machine
  • Sped up replication correction to fix weird artifacts
  • Hoverboard sound no longer cuts off
  • Patched coin farming exploits >:D
  • Fixes/changes/balancing


A brand new world, complete with a cool temple and hidden areas! Opened exclusively to VIP members for the time being

New Egg!

Includes 6 brand new pets!

- Desert Cat

- Camel

- Bobcat

- Lion

- Slime (Rare)

- Black Widow (Epic)

Found in the Desert World

Group Reward!

Are you in the BIG Games group? Reap your rewards by receiving an exclusive BIG Maskot pet! Great for players just starting out.

What else?

Added hoverboard mobile compatibility! Toggle the hoverboard using the button on the left side of your screen

Re-balanced egg prices (cheaper!)

Re-balanced coin health/rewards on all worlds

Added legendary rarity (whoops!)

Added proper collision for the planks in the Spawn world

Upgrades no longer take up half your screen on phones and tablets

Fixed a critical (and very rare) saving issue causing stats to reset. Thank you to ThnxCya and Roblox engineers that helped figure this out!

Zooming in/out on GUIs works as intended now

Diamond Deity upgrade now works as intended

Added a friendly message when you get a pet slot from drops; thanks for all of the CONSTANT "what is this?" tweets

Fixed a serious bug where VIP gave you the incorrect time remaining (display error)

Egg opening SFX is no longer 1000db loud

Your game (should) no longer break when using cannons occasionally

Fixed floating coins in the Spawn & Beach world

Patched an exploit giving 100% golden machine success rate

Fixed a clipping issue on the Beach world

Internal framework fixes

Winter World!

Experience winter wonderland! An entirely new world, with new pets, opened exclusively to VIP members for the time being.

New Egg!

Includes 6 brand new pets!

- Seal

- Polar Bear

- Penguin

- Arctic Fox

- Mystic Fox (Rare)

- Snowman (Epic)

Found in the Winter World

Golden Pets Machine!

Convert your pets to GOLD! Gold pets have 2x the strength of a normal pet. To use the Golden Pets Machine, you must own the Golden Pets upgrade.

VIP Tickets Upgrade!

Unlocks the ability to find FREE VIP in drops! The amount of VIP time is completely random, ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Multi Delete!

Ever wanted to delete multiple pets at one click of a button? Well, now you can!

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