Cat is a Tier 1 Pet. It is one of the first pets available for choosing when you begin the game, the other being the Dog. It is very common.

You can also obtain it by buying a Tier 1 Egg and by selling all your pets (you will always get a Cat when deleting all your pets).

It starts off with 4 Levels and has a rarity of 0.5 stars.

This pet was the inspiration for the rarest and best pet in the game currently, which is the Giant Cat!


Its Gold version starts off with 3 times the normal Levels.


Its Rainbow version starts off with 5 times the normal Levels.

Dark Matter

Its Dark Matter version starts off with 15 times the normal Levels.


The Cat has seven re-skins, which are the White Cat, the Orange Cat, the Brown Cat, the Space Cat, the Cyborg Cat, the Aesthetic Cat, and the Festive Cat.


  • The Cat is alongside the Dog when you begin the game for your first time.
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