The Cat is a Tier 1 Pet. It is one of the first pets available for choosing when you begin the game, the other being the Dog. Is it very common.

You can also obtain it by buying a Tier 1 Egg and by selling all your pets (you will always get a Cat when deleting all your pets).

It starts off with 4 Levels, and has a rarity of 0.5 stars.

This pet was the inspiration for the rarest and best pet in the game currently, which is the Giant Cat!


Its Gold version starts off with 3 times the normal Levels.


Its Rainbow version starts off with 5 times the normal Levels.

Dark Matter

Its Dark Matter version starts off with 15 times the normal Levels.


The Cat has seven reskins, which are the White Cat, the Orange Cat, the Brown Cat, the Space Cat, the Cyborg Cat, the Aesthetic Cat, and the Festive Cat.


  • The Cat is alongside the Dog when you begin the game for your first time.