Not to be confused with the C0RE.

C0RE SH0CK is a Moon Pet found in the Tier 16 Egg.

The chance of obtaining a C0RE SH0CK is a somewhat low 0.01% chance. It was believed to be a 0.005% chance, however after Update 8 it became more common.


This pet can be made gold to have stats of 150,000 for both Coin Collection and Agility. This pet was previously unable to be made gold until Update 10.


This pet's stats in rainbow form are 250,000 for both Coin Collection and Agility. Its level is also 600,000.


  • The C0RE SH0CK was added in Update 6, also known as the "Cyborg's Update."
  • The rainbow version of the C0RE SH0CK has a 1/4.000.000 (0.000025%) chance of being hatched from the Tier 16 without any luck Game Passes. With the all luck Game Passes applied, the chance of getting it would approximately be 0.015% (1/6,666).
  • The C0RE SH0CK used to be the rarest/best pet in the entire game. However after the Cyborg Dominus was discovered and Update 8 was released, it is now classified as just a good pet.
  • During the duping glitch, the Rainbow C0RE SH0CK was the most duped pet in the entire game. This made people to believe that the C0RE SH0CK is a very common pet.
  • You can see a floating block that looks very similar to this pet in Tech Valley.
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