The BIG Maskot is a group-only pet for Pet Simulator. To get this pet, one has to be part of the BIG Games and BIG Games Simulators groups. The pet's normal level is 1+. If You Leave The Group You Keep It.

BIG Maskot currently has no reskins. However, there are Rainbow, Golden, and Dark Matter versions of this pet.


  • The Golden BIG Maskot can be made by using 10 normal BIG Maskots.
  • The Rainbow BIG Maskot can be made by using 7 Golden BIG Maskots.
  • The Dark Matter BIG Maskot by using 5 Rainbow BIG Maskots.


  • This is the only group only pet in the game.
  • A player has to trade with another player to gain more than one BIG Maskot as this pet is not obtainable from Eggs.
  • If you leave the groups, you will not lose this pet.
  • This pet has the word "BIG" to represent the groups' names, "Big Game Simulators" and "BIG Games™.
  • This pet is based off of BuildIntoGames's avatar.
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